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Welcome To PianoAfrik

If you want to learn piano the African way or be a master in African genres on the keyboard, then you have come to the right place..

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We have well trained polished piano teachers who are ready give you solid one on one lessons. We are taking students to take them through a three month course coming Oct-Dec. Don't miss out!

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Deep Video Courses

We sat down, empathized with you and came up with video courses tailored for you. You will find them interesting, easy to follow and one with content no one else can teach you unless pianoafrik

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What We Offer

Free African Song Tutorials

We have a long list of free African song tutorials from gospel to afropop and anything African. We take our time to walk you through the song so that by the time you’re done learning you can rock off in style

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Free Concept Tutorials

Not only do we teach you how to play specific songs, but we’ve gone further to outlay some basic, intermediate and advance fundamentals necessary to help you achieve your dream of becoming a very good pianist. We have free concept tutorials like How to play sofas and chords in all keys, how to stop using transpose and many more

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Paid Concept Tutorials

Our paid courses contains step by step breakdowns of major concepts requisite for achieving the aim of becoming a professional piano player. We teach concepts like how to find the progression of any song, runs, licks and many intermediate and advance stuff all at a very cheap and affordable price. Visit our store

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Latest Uploads

  • RichieRichie

    Thanks to pianoafrik for bringing me up from a level of zero knowledge in piano to the point where I now teach others

  • BrightBright

    You guys are just awesome. You break complex chords down for our understanding. I have learn a lot from you guys. God bless you